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For those playing in any games, activities and programs; This release-waiver applies to League and Tournament games & all other activities, games, events, etc. organized by Puget Sound Basketball Leagues (any function organized by PSBL)

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  1. As an athlete in such sports, I am familiar with methods of conducting basketball and the inherent risk of physical injury, and I hereby waive, relinquish, and release any an all right to claim to damages which may occur to myself; I acknowledge that the league will not supply medical insurance (health insurance) and accident insurance and so if I am concerned about injuries, I understand that I carry my own health insurance. The risk of injury from the activities involved in this program is significant, including the potential for permanent paralysis and death, and while particular rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious injury does exist; I have read this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement, fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it, and sign it freely and voluntarily without any inducement. I choose to play and in fact, I would be playing elsewhere in open gyms and recreational games if I were not playing in this recreational/amateur league right now, so any injuries that occur in this league would have just as easily occurred in any other game that I would have been playing.


  2. I realize that Puget Sound Basketball Leagues, Inc. is running the league (commonly called PugetSoundBasketball.Com adult basketball league, or PSBL), not the gym or school being used. In fact, the gym or school has nothing to do with this basketball league. For example, Seattle Central Community College, Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club, EmeraldCityBasketballAcademy, YMCA, Bitter Lake Community Center, Northshore Junior High, etc - is NOT running this league; those are just gyms being rented by Puget Sound Basketball Leagues and these gyms have absolutely nothing to do with this league or tournament. In no way can a venue be held liable for my injuries.


  3. I realize that confrontations, yelling, and any sort of anger are strictly prohibited. If any sort of conflict arises I will not confront the situation, but rather, I will remove myself from the situation immediately, even if that means leaving the game with an unresolved issue (you can call the league to discuss the issue- but you cannot resolve your issue at the site). I accept that this league may provide 1 referee from time to time (not 2 referees) and I will behave and follow all concepts in this release form whether there is 1 referee or 2 referees. This point is so important it bears repeating-if any sort of conflict arises I will not confront the situation, but rather, I will remove myself from the situation immediately, even if that means leaving the game with an unresolved issue (you can call league to resolve- but you cannot resolve at the site). I realize that I may be suspended from league play, tournament play, or activity even though this is a 'pay to play' situation and a suspension will carry no refund. Even if I do not like a particular referee, I will accept their authority. Even when I disagree with the referee's calls, I will accept the authority of the referee, because someone 'has to be in charge'. If the problem is bad enough, I will call the league- but I will not take matters into my own hands while on the court or at the facility. I agree to all these items.


  4. I will make sure I read the rules and policies of this league and I will abide by those rules and policies. Taunting, trash-talking & profanity are not allowed in this league. More importantly- I will do my best to recruit non-violent, peaceful, and recreational participants to this league, tournament, and other activities. Restated- I will screen my own players before bringing them into this league, tournament, or activity. I will not bring into this league someone that I do not know well enough to know that they would not lose their temper. I have to make every effort to screen players (out of this league) if I feel they have a temper. I realize that I will be held financially accountable for any damage done to chairs, walls, or any part of the facility that occurs outside of normal sportsmanlike play. This league, tournament, or activity (run by Puget Sound Basketball Leagues, Inc.) reserves the right to prohibit anyone for any reason from participating in games as a player or as a spectator.


  5. This league, tournament, or activity requires all players to wear jerseys of the same color with a number. Players are prohibited from wearing undershirts in which the sleeves do not match the color of the jersey. Further, team captains are required to bring spares so that every player matches (even the player who forgot his/her jersey). It is also the team captain's responsibility (or individual player's responsibility if you signed up as an individual player) to have ice packs and a first aid kit in your own gym bag-in the event of an injury.


  6. Emergency contact phone # in case of serious injury (it happens in sports):


This is to certify that I, as parent/guardian with legal responsibility for this participant, do consent and agree to his/her release as provided above of all the Releasees, and for myself, my heirs, assigns, and next of kin, I release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless from any and all liabilities incident to my minor child's involvement or participation in these programs as provided above, to the fullest extent permitted by law. I will also speak to my child about not trash talking or talking to opponent in any negative fashion and I will confirm this concept with Tim Kerns 206.632.HOOP(4667) before my child plays in a single game. I realize that a referee may deem (on his/her own) that my child is not appropriate for a particular game; if this happens (every once in a while a referee could make that judgment)-my child will not be allowed to play and I will have no recourse other than a refund (call Tim Kerns for refund -- in the event this situation occurs).


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